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    Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)


    Many patients see a gradual decline over time in their abilities and quality of life. Read what real patients have to say about their journey through seeking help, getting a diagnosis, receiving treatment and restoring their quality of life.

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    Getting back to an active life with Peripheral Artery Disease.

    Joe Murphy, 71


    I was really active and did a lot of hunting and fishing. The first thing I noticed was the muscles in my legs hurting when I would walk across a parking lot or down the street. I had to stop and rest every time I went 30 or 40 feet. I didn’t know what the problem was. This went on for about two years and it got worse over time. It got to the point where I could only walk 10 feet at a time.

    One day, I went fishing and there were a lot of stairs down to the water. When I was coming back up the stairs, I could only go 5 steps and then my legs just would not work. I had to rest and then do a few more steps. Apparently, the muscles in my legs were not getting enough blood but I didn’t know that at the time.


    I’m not a person that is weak or gives up but this took me down. I didn’t know what was causing it, but I knew something was seriously wrong. That was when I went to my doctor.

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    I could only go up 5 steps and then my legs just would not work.”

    Road to Diagnosis and Treatment

    My primary care doctor referred me to a vascular surgeon and I got an intravascular ultrasound of both legs (which allows the physician to visualize the inside of the arteries). It was not painful but I went to three different surgeons before I found one that I felt comfortable with. The ultrasound showed my arteries were clogged up. My left side was more clogged than my right. My doctor presented a plan for a minimally invasive procedure to clean out the arteries (an atherectomy). I was nervous but he reassured me that the procedure could be done safely and it would improve the blood flow in my legs. I had the procedure and there was very little pain involved. I am feeling great.

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    Since my procedure, my legs are getting stronger every day.”

    How Others Can Take the Step Toward Better Health


    Since my procedure, my legs are getting stronger every day and I am taking care of myself. If I could talk to someone who had these symptoms, I would tell them not to wait. Go see your doctor. The longer you put it off, the worse it will get. I kept thinking it would get better and it only got worse. I am so glad I took that step to see my doctor and now I feel so much better.

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